Each of our puppies are sold with "Up to Date" shots. Puppies need a combination vaccine at 2, 3 and 4 months of age. These shots provide protection from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. Dogs should also need to be given annual booster shots. Make sure to ask us here at the store, or our vet during your free check-up for more information about your new puppy vaccinations. 


Healthy dogs hold be taken in at least once per year, dogs that have medical problems may require more frequent veterinary visits. Each of our puppies are sold with a one year breeders guarantee and a free vet check with our veterinarian. 

Veterinary examinations

​Basic obedience training will not only help you feel comfortable with your dog, but will help your dog feel comfortable with you. It can also prevent or correct many common behaviour problems. We recommend only using positive reinforcement and training methods. Punishment and strong physical corrections tend to cause aggression problems and are not generally as humane as positive methods. 

Obedience training

If you can anticipate your dog's needs, you will be able to teach him or her where to urinate and defecate. A sensible feeding and walking schedule, supervision when you're home and confinement when you're not, will have most dogs reliably housetrained within 12 weeks. Whenever a dog eats or drinks, he/she sets in motion a digestive sequence that ends up with elimination. Within 30 minutes after finishing its meal, the dog will have to go to the bathroom.

Most dogs will also need to urinate after waking from a long nap or an overnight sleep. Vigorous play can also stimulate a dog to urinate. Don't let him/her roam all over the house. Don't  let your puppy out of your sight - he/she may give little or no warning. If you are trying to paper train your dog, hurry it to the paper, if not, remember to always have a leash handy so you can hurry the dog outdoors. Watch for signs that the dog has to relieve himself. These may include intense sniffing, pacing back and forth and/or circling. 

House training

Fleas are parasites that can transmit tapeworms and irritate an animal's skin. We always start the puppies on Advantage for fleas as soon as they arrive at the store. Advantage is a liquid applied directly to the skin. It can be less toxic and more effective than traditional sprees, powders and collars. No matter what your plan of action is, you'll need to treat all animals in the house - not just the ones who have obvious infestations. 


Bath your dog no more than once every two months. More frequent bathing can dry out the skin. We carry a selection o different shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to suit the puppy's type of fur. Spot clean if he or she is dirty and make sure to brush your dog before each bath to get all of the mats out of its coat. Trim your dog's nails about once every two weeks with pet nail scissors.

Bathing and Nails

Brush your pet thoroughly every day depending on the breed. This helps keep its hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading the natural oils throughout the coat, and preventing tangles from forming and keeping the skin clean and free from irritation. It is best to start brushing your pet at an early age. We do groom the animals well at the store, so some may already be used to the handling. Do not despair if the puppy does not like it at first, it is possible to train it to enjoy grooming. Proceed slowly and be sure to use treats and a lot of praise to meme the experience fun.


Basic Puppy Care

Make sure to feed your puppy at least twice a day. Dry food provides a well-balanced diet, but we request you keep the puppy on the same food as we feed at our store. By changing food and the dogs living situation, you can stress the puppy and it may end up with diarrhea or other problems. You may also mix the food with water or broth. If you do decide to change brands for whatever reason, you should consider a premium brand. Even though they are a bit more expensive, they are more digestible, have fewer fillers and tend to produce less solid waste. Always make sure to have clean, fresh water available at all times, and wash the dishes often.


Have a warm, quiet place for your dog to rest. We have a variety of soft comfy beds here at our store. You may wish to line the bed with a blanket to make washing easier.


You will need food and water bowls, a training crate, a collar, a leash, a brush, a comb and suitable toys. Our staff will take the time to show you which supplies will best suit the dog breed you have chosen. 

Puppy Supplies

There are few companions in life more loyal than a dog. But for all the companionship that a dog can offer you, it requires a great deal of time, effort, love and patience in return. More than cats, dogs need a lot more human contact.

Before you bring home one of our adorable puppies, it is important that you are willing to make this dog a part of your family for the rest of his/hers life. Dogs can live up to 16 years and more, depending on breed type, size, genetics and care. Your puppy will need training, exercise, grooming, time and a lot of love.

If you are willing to welcome a dog into your family, it will not only return your affection tenfold, but it will provide you with years of loyal companionship. 

​Puppy care​