Hi there - just to advise that the puppy ("Dory" - as in "small boat", nothing to do with the movie) is doing amazing at approx. 7 mos old.  Still working on house training - but it's getting better. She's very happy, well balanced, loves her leash/harness/walks, is a lot of fun and an excellent snuggler, she's healthy and very active in our family. She' s also taken extremely well to being a "boat dog" as we take her with us on our frequent weekend (and longer) outings and has already seen areas of the BC coast that most people never will...

-Rob and Fay

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Her name is Rosie. She's the sweetest girl! So funny and smart, very tuned in to our feelings, eager to please. 
Thanks for the background info. I looked up the Tibetan Spaniel, ( I thought it was terrier) I know a little about dog breeds, just personal interest over the years, but this is a breed I was unfamiliar with, what a beatiful dog ! I know that Yorkies can be high strung - we had had one previously. 
We just marvel each day at what a good dog she is. We took her to the office with us today and she was so calm even as many people & kids held her and passed her around. 
She uses the pee pads always, on her own with no prompting . She's so funny with toys, she will play on her own for long periods of time. She whined the first couple of nights, I got up and took her to the pad, she used it we went back to bed. We raised the crate to the level of the bed and she began sleeping all night, she can see and hear us, so I guess it gives her a secure feeling. 
Anyway this is a long note to tell you how much we love her already. Haven't taken her to the vet yet, our vet only works two days a week because of her own health. I have an appt booked though asap.
Thank you for our sweet little doggie !

- Barbara

Hi Helen
  Just the proud parents sending more pictures of their little girl. She is doing great, growing like a bad weed, eating and sleeping good and she knows her name and come (when she wants to)

- Frank

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